Harald Glööckler: los modelos con curvas son necesarios

Harald Glööckler: curvy models are necessary

Harald Glööckler: curvy models are necessary

Curvy supermodel

Last week, Sophia Thomalla criticized the “curvy supermodel”; however, the jury Harald Glööckler has the opposite opinion. Therefore, you consider it absolutely important that a different type of woman appear on television and also reveal what you are really looking for on the casting show.

“I participate in the fair for two reasons,” explains designer Harald Glööckler in an interview with “Promiflash”, adding enthusiastically: “First of all, it is the idea of ​​the format that excites me. I think it has long been necessary to show a format for women with curves and shapes. And secondly, because it is a show that will become polarized ”. By that, the 51-year-old is primarily referring to the other body type that is the focus of “Supermodel Curvy.”

Ladies with curves, Harald Glööckler did not discover them yesterday: “Models with curves are my profession. For more than 30 years I have designed fashion for curvy women ”. And your work on the show? It is not, as one might think, responsible for styling and dressing the participants. “[…] I’m on the coaching program. The station sees me as an independent brand and my job is to transmit that to women ”, emphasizes the designer of“ Pompöös ”in an interview with“ Promiflash ”.

Unleash the inner princess

Obviously, candidates can be prepared to learn a lot from Harald Glööckler. “Sell yourself, become a unique personality”, that is what the native of Maulbronn wants to teach girls. And what is the fashion designer looking for in “Curvy Supermodel”? “I act like a coach who makes fun of the princess in women,” Glööckler said.

We are excited to see how Harald Glööckler will do it! The answer will be available today starting October 5, when “Curvy Supermodel” begins at 8:15 pm on RTL II.

Image Source: Getty Images / Thomas Niedermueller