Harry Styles celebra con una rubia desconocida

Harry Styles celebrates with an unknown blonde

Harry Styles celebrates with an unknown blonde

Unknown beauty

wantedon December 8, 2014 | 15:53

Harry Styles is taking a short break from One Direction, but the 20-year-old is not alone. Because with the best will in the world, he has no shortage of female admirers …

It should be clear to almost everyone that Harry Styles is not alone for long when he turns night into day. Just a few days ago The One Direction hottie in Los Angeles was joined by two cute young ladies leaving a party and it seems to work very well in London too.

Harry Styles celebrated with an unknown blonde

As reported by the “Mirror”, Harry Styles spent the weekend in the British capital on the occasion of his sister Gemma’s birthday and had a good time with some friends. The birthday group first celebrated at London’s It-bar “Hakkasan” before continuing. Harry Styles was, of course, the center of female interest.

Harry Styles has good cards

As you can see in the images that “Mirror” shows, Harry Styles was talking quite animatedly to an unfamiliar blonde.. It is not known if she is a friend of the 1D heartthrob or perhaps a flirt she met that night. the fact is that the two connect with each other seems to have. At least one can see from the pictures that Harry Styles and the unknown beauty literally parted ways with the group. While the 20-year-old and the rest of the party troop continued on, the blonde said goodbye, so that at least this time they could not be attributed a hot night.It is well known that Harry Styles is not a foodie when it comes to women. Obviously, he has also liked the blonde beauty. But who knows, maybe it’s just an old friend. After all, his sister celebrated her birthday, so there were likely platonic friends of Harry Styles as well.

Image Source: Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images