Harry Styles es criticado por la novia de Zayn Malik

Harry Styles is criticized by Zayn Malik’s girlfriend

Perrie Diss

wantedthe 04/05/2015 | 16:29

It’s been a few weeks since Zayn Malik left his band One Direction, but many fans can still see the tears Harry Styles shed during the first concert after the shocking news. “Even after separation, there won’t be a sheet of paper between the two of us,” this reaction seemed to clearly indicate. But now, with Zayn’s fiancee, Perrie Edwards, someone seems to want to get between Harry Styles and his best friend.

Harry Styles takes off the fat

What was Zayn Malik’s farewell behind the scenes really like in One Direction? This question, which millions of fans around the world have been asking themselves for weeks, can only be answered by Harry Styles and Co. themselves with Perrie Edwards, the fiancee of Zayn Malik, the ex-partners of her future husband, however, they seem to have no more stone on the board. At least as far as Harry Styles is concerned, the singer did not let her hair down when she visited the radio station “Capital FM”.

On May 1, Perrie Edwards and her band Little Mix were invited to “Capital FM” for a little talk. The editors had come up with a particularly clever game to get the girls off their books. In a round of “Celebrity Tinder,” Perrie Edwards and her fellow campaigners were asked to rate the appeal of the world of male celebrities in the style of the well-known dating app, including the attractiveness of One Direction, Harry Styles. This was not entirely well received by fellow former bandmate Zayn Malik. “I have to do this now,” the blonde apologized and promoted Harry Styles to unattractive star status with a swipe to the left.

Harry Styles: Can’t go to Zayn Malik’s wedding?

Perrie Edwards: Do you have anything against Harry Styles?

Even the hint that the game was purely hypothetical didn’t soften Perrie Edwards and her gang. All four girls were adamant in their rejection of Harry Styles. However, they did not want to disband the leader of One Direction. “Little Mix didn’t want to hurt him, but they just think he’s a bit of a ripper and gamer,” an alleged source told the online portal “HollywoodLife.” But does this point of view also apply to Zayn Malik’s fiancee? After all, celebrity magazine reported in April that Perrie Edwards didn’t want to see Harry Styles and the rest of the One Direction members at their wedding. “She’s mad at you because she thinks you were a bad influence on Zayn,” an insider said of her reaction to a photo that Zayn Malik is said to have shown flirting with another girl. “She feels humiliated by what happened and looks for someone to blame.”

We don’t think there is a grudge between Perrie Edwards and Harry Styles. Instead, the musician probably didn’t want to stab Zayn Malik in the back.

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