Harry Styles: ¡Es así de fácil moverse!

Harry Styles: It’s that easy to get around!

Quickly impressed

wantedon October 31, 2014 | 13:33

Attention Harry Styles fans: The singer reveals to “BBC Radio” how to move fast!

Many fans of One Direction leader Harry Styles are certainly familiar with this scenario: It’s any given day and they’re reviewing the latest tweets and photos of their favorite singer. What would you do to make Harry Styles finally notice you? Recently, the pretty boy revealed that it’s actually very easy …

Harry Styles is easy to impress

Because as Harry Styles revealed in an interview with “BBC Radio”, it is quite easy to get the singer’s attention. You just have to dedicate a nice tweet to the singer! “So sometimes someone just tweets you really nice,” Harry Styles revealed to host Scott Mills. And then you think to yourself Hey, you know what? I’m following you now. ‘“The One Direction heartthrob can’t make all his fans happy, after all, they dedicate millions of tweets to him every day.

Harry Styles is easier to get around than Zayn Malik

Harry Styles’ One Direction colleague Zayn Malik is also more than well received by fans. But unlike Harry Styles, the 21-year-old isn’t that easy to wrap your finger around. With the large number of tweets, you find it impossible to keep track. Instead, he prefers to look at drawingsthat fans have dedicated to the man of their dreams. Zayn Malik softens and hits the “Follow” button once or again.

If you are a fan of Harry Styles and want to attract the singer’s attention, you don’t have to try too hard, a sweet tweet is enough. Followers of Zayn Malik have to try harder and draw a picture of their loved one. It’s great that both of you appreciate the efforts of your fans. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the next lucky guy.

Image Source: Photo by Anthony Harvey / Getty Images