Harry Styles: Kendall Jenner no debería permitirle su amor

Harry Styles: Kendall Jenner Shouldn’t Allow Her Love

Harry Styles: Kendall Jenner Shouldn't Allow Her Love

Harry totally in love

wantedon 01/13/2015 | 12:19

About a year ago Harry Styles’ heart should have been beating for Kendall Jenner, today he looks very different. The One Direction hottie is said to have just fallen in love, much to the chagrin of her exes.

Did Harry Styles upset his ex?

Currently there are many indications that Harry Styles has fallen in love. Whether celebrating in New York or in a car filled with red heart balloons for your birthday, One Direction hottie seems to have had a hard time. His beloved: Austrian model Nadine Leopold. But not only millions of female directors should have a problem with that, Kendall Jenner, with whom Harry Styles is said to have had a brief affair about a year ago, is apparently not at all right with his ex’s new relationship.. Or why is the 19-year-old singing Cee Lo Green’s hit “Fuck you” so vehemently?

Harry Styles: Does Kendall hate it?

Is Kendall Jenner mad at Harry Styles?

“HollywoodLife” is certain that Kendall Jenner announced success with clear ulterior motives for her ex Harry Styles. The hilarious clip showing the brunette beauty and her sister Khloe performing in the car generated great excitement among her fans. “I see you driving with the girl that I love and I’m like fuck youKendall Jenner warns and Khloe provocatively stretches her middle finger towards the camera – if the two women really have Harry Styles on their heads? After all, there are reasons enough, it is said that Harry Styles left Kendall Jenner at that time. But what if the 19-year-old still holds a grudge against her ex a year later? We really don’t think Kendall Jenner is mad at Harry Styles. Rather, the two ladies will have simply scoffed at the hit and the performance. The clip is always fun to watch!Check out the clip here!

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