Harry Styles anota con Meghan Trainor

Harry Styles scores with Meghan Trainor

Harry Styles scores with Meghan Trainor

Good impression

wantedon 01/26/2015 | 16:07

Harry Styles can’t really complain about the lack of attention of the female sex. Not only does the One Direction hottie make fans’ hearts beat faster, but his musical colleagues are also very impressed by the curly head. In any case, singer Meghan Trainor was very excited to meet Harry Styles, after all, she had feared the worst beforehand.

Harry Styles on the road to success

The reputation of the heartthrob has long stuck with Harry Styles – with his fluffy mane, charming smile, and sensitive voice, he captured fans’ hearts by storm. Rumors of new dating partners also crop up regularly and the list of her exes, including Taylor Swift, Kendall Jenner, and Cara Delevingne, is long. All this made newcomer Meghan Trainor feel very insecure, as she now confessed in an interview with “MTV.”

The All About That Bass performer recently recorded a song with Harry Styles and was extremely nervous before the reunion. Although he has already established himself in show business and is on the charts, he had a lot of respect for meeting the One Direction star. Eventually he thought the heartthrob was a daredeviltaken by itself. But Meghan Trainor was pleasantly surprised.

Harry Styles is down to earth

Meghan Trainor is very impressed

Meeting Harry Styles was a lot more relaxed than sweet Bondine had originally thought. Then she reports to “MTV”: “I was very nervous, so I prepared a little chorus with my ukulele. I went to him and five minutes later I felt very good. “ The 21-year-old also has a reason for the good atmosphere: “Because he’s so normal and funny, and just a normal 20-year-old guy … not like the Harry Styles that everyone is in love with.” After all, Meghan Trainor has had other experiences with other stars and these are less flattering: “I was nervous because I thought he was going to be like Justin Bieber, like he was ‘so famous’ and loved himself. But he was so normal… he wasn’t immediately nervous anymore. “ The collaboration between Harry Styles and the pretty blonde was immediately promising: “We finished the song in an hour or two and I loved it.” When the track of the two stars will appear it is still open.

Harry Styles catches the eye of women – both fans and other stars can’t get enough of the charm. In any case, we are so thrilled with the song by the One Direction singer and Meghan Trainor!

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