Harry Styles quiere una novia firme

Harry Styles wants a firm girlfriend

Harry Styles wants a firm girlfriend

Dear love

wantedon 10/21/2014 | 11:10

Harry Styles wants nothing more than a firm girlfriend. But the reasons for this are not romantic in nature …

Everyone dreams of meeting their great love and living happily with her until the end of the day. Apparently, Harry Styles is no different. But as romantic as that idea is, for the One Direction hottie, the desire for a steady girlfriend obviously has entirely different reasons, “HollywoodLife” reports.

Harry Styles no longer wants to be associated with Taylor Swift

Consequently, Harry Styles has his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift in mind when reporting on the matter. what would you like to have a girlfriend. But how do the ex-girlfriend and a potential new flame fit in?

Harry Styles: his intentions are not romantic

For Harry Styles it seems to be more than exhausting that Taylor Swift is still mourning him, reports a source from “HollywoodLife”. “Harry still hears people talking about him and Taylor and he hates it. The One Direction guys still make fun of him and he’s uncomfortable with it. Therefore, you cannot wait to finally have a serious relationship.Said the alleged infiltrator. He also revealed that Harry Styles would find it terrible for people to speculate on whether he could get back with Taylor Swift. “Harry is finally out of the relationship and wants everyone to know about it. In his opinion, everyone would finally check if he was in a relationship with another girl, “said the source about Harry Styles’ less romantic love plans.

We can understand that at some point it becomes annoying to always be associated with someone with whom you broke up a long time ago. But will Harry Styles’ plan really work? The 1D hottie certainly wouldn’t be short of willing women, but a serious relationship takes a bit more … We still keep our fingers crossed for Harry Styles and meanwhile check the 1D tour schedule without attracting attention!Image Source: Ian Gavan / Getty Images for Sony Pictures