Acusaciones duras: ¿El amor de Bachelor Daniel era simplemente falso?

Harsh Accusations: Was Bachelor Daniel’s Love Just Bogus?

Harsh Accusations: Was Bachelor Daniel's Love Just Bogus?


A few weeks after the end of “Der Bachelor”, Daniel Völz and Kristina Yantsen announce their separation. Now he’s making serious charges!

At first it seemed like a great love and almost too good to be true: in the last episode, the single Daniel gives his last rose to Kristina, even confessing his love to her. This has never happened before! “I love you” explains Daniel Völz in front of the cameras. But now Kristina raises serious accusations against the Bachelor, their love was not real, the staged separation! “You can’t have someone in front of you and tell them you love them to get something from them that will do you good in your career,” she says in a tearful voice.

You can see what accusations Kristina raises in the RTL interview and what Daniel has to say about it in our video:

What you think? Was it all just a fake or was it great love? And can you even find real love on TV? We are curious to hear your opinion, leave us a comment!