¿Samsung ha vendido ahora muchos o menos Galaxy Fold?

Has Samsung now sold many or fewer Galaxy Fold?

Has Samsung now sold many or fewer Galaxy Fold?

Samsung was able to sell its first foldable Android smartphone quite well and thus create a considerable base for the first successor.

Samsung has revealed a very interesting number, namely the number of Galaxy Folds sold to date. Despite the long delay in the final market launch, South Koreans have so far been able to sell around a million folding items. Given the sales of other smartphones, it might not be a big deal, but considering other factors, it’s a very impressive achievement. It is the first folding of its kind, more or less a public attempt and is only available from around € 2,000.

Samsung can look back on a successful Galaxy Fold

Such a high number is also useful for the future, after all, Samsung can collect a lot of feedback from daily use. There should be at least one successor next year, and two different folding mechanisms were mentioned more frequently. Huawei’s worst competitor is still sidelined by the US embargo, and Motorola’s first attempt seems a little less ready for the market.

Update: Meanwhile, it became known that one of the Samsung people has confused the sales target with the number of sales. Probably not a million Galaxy Folds were sold without a prescription.