Éxito de HBO "Chernobyl" no va bien en Rusia

HBO success "Chernobyl" not going well in russia

HBO success "Chernobyl" not going well in russia

“Chernobyl” is a series of surprise hits, but Russian media loyal to the government can’t stand the American production at all. A new series is set to offer a questionable alternative narrative based on a conspiracy theory.


You trust the ranking of IMDbThen the new HBO miniseries “Chernobyl” about the 1986 nuclear disaster is the best series ever. The surprise reached by screenwriter Craig Mazin even puts “Breaking Bad”, “The Wire” and “Game Of Thrones” in the shadows. The Kremlin shares the enthusiasm for recounting the momentous catastrophe that occurred in Ukraine and thus on the territory of the former Soviet Union, but not as the government’s criticism. Moscow Times reported. In Russia, there is criticism of the American production and the state network NTW is working on its own series in which the history of Chernobyl is shown from an extremely questionable perspective.

Russian media is upset about “Chernobyl”

In his comment, journalist Ilya Shepelin reports on the outraged reactions of the Russian media to “Chernobyl.” The popular newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda raise the question of whether the series serves to deliberately weaken Russia’s power as a nuclear nation. Another newspaper with the name Argumenty i facty refer to the program as Cartoon and not the truth “.

As a reminder: “Chernobyl” is not a documentary series, but a drama. Craig Mazin consciously took some creative liberties. For example, scientist Ulana Khomyuk (Emily Watson) is fictitious. The show’s goal was never to be one hundred percent accurate. However, it receives a lot of praise for its authenticity and the depressing, down-to-earth mood it conveys.

The mainstream Russian media is particularly meticulous about “Chernobyl,” according to the Moscow Times, and takes the HBO show apart down to the smallest detail. and he criticized the minimal historical inaccuracies that appear in almost all series of this type. Therefore, a separate series from the Russian state broadcaster NTW has already been filmed, which is supposed to offer a different perspective on events. But obviously the Russian rulers are not interested in a correct representation of the facts. Because the new series is based on a conspiracy theory.

United States as a scapegoat

The Russian series is said to be about a CIA agent who sneaks into Chernobyl and starts the nuclear disaster there. The United States would clearly be to blame for the disaster. Actually, there is nothing to suggest such a course of events, so it is nothing more than a conspiracy theory. Scientists have already extensively investigated the actual reason for the reactor explosion and HBO’s “Chernobyl” accounts for it accordingly.

It is probably precisely this fact-based processing of events that is causing disgust in the Russian media loyal to the government. Soviet rulers reacted very late to warnings from researcher Valery Legasov (played by Jared Harris in the series). They put hundreds of thousands of lives at risk to keep the West’s catastrophic mistake a secret, which in the end was unsuccessful anyway. Confidentiality and face protection were more important than people. Ironically, the Russian government media are now behaving similarly to how they behaved when dealing with Chernobyl. The truth should be hidden under the rug.

“Chernobyl”: the real horror behind the series of disasters

Anyone who has not yet seen “Chernobyl” can do so in this country through Sky. The fifth and final episode of the miniseries was also released in Germany today.