¿Heidi y Thomas enamorados?

Heidi and Thomas in love?

Heidi and Thomas in love?

In exclusive photos from Star magazine, the two can be seen on the set of GNTM 2012 in an intimate pose and insiders have always wanted to know: It should have arisen between Thomas Hayo and his boss GNTM.. Just 10 weeks after Heidi’s split from the lovable singer Seal, the world seems to be rosy again for her: “My life, my family, my work, I look forward to all this”, reveals in an interview.

Top model and GNTM jury Thomas Hayo would also go very well together: the Saarland native is a successful advertising expert and knows the world of glamor, so he meets Heid at eye level. Furthermore, she attaches as much importance to tradition and family as Heidi Klum. The two have known each other for over ten years.

And the two also look great together. Thomas Hayo always maintains his “no style” look in jeans, boots and shirts while traveling. Heidi is glamorous, but not in disguise either. They would make a lovely couple. It’s also notable that you’ve never heard of Thomas Hayo from a friend, maybe it’s really Heidi?

On set, Heidi Klum and Thomas Hayo hide their alleged love affair, but insiders report that Thomas naturally opens his hand while eating. Heidi’s thighs, are they really just colleagues? Thomas Hayo also has a very close relationship with Heidi’s father and the owner of the modeling agency Günther Klum: As a greeting, the two men hug each other, reports a friend.What you think? Are Thomas Hayo and Heidi Klum a couple or are they just rumors? Tonight you can pay attention to how the two treat each other. At 8:15 pm, Germany’s Next Top Model 2012 will be shown at Pro Sieben. You can find all the information about GNTM 2012 in the comprehensive GNTM overview.