"Holt einen Krankenwagen … ein kleines Pflaster genügt eigentlich auch!"

Help, my son is on the moon!

"Holt einen Krankenwagen… ein kleines Pflaster genügt eigentlich auch!"

The daughter is very sensitive and therefore feels pain that probably another child would not even notice. EVERYTHING hurts terribly: a neckline tag, a sock seam, the brother clapping A LOT TOO FIRM while playing with fans. Not to mention the nasty “wounds.” A mini scratch to look for with a magnifying glass? WORST PAIN THAN EVER! A small abrasion that can barely be seen with the naked eye? HELL QUALITY! We’re not even talking about * real * injuries. A bruise? A rub on your knee? Just normal ailments that kids constantly deal with? A real DISASTER!