Xiaomi da detalles: la cámara debajo de la pantalla probablemente sea imposible

High-end smartphone: Oppo wants to outshine Huawei itself

Xiaomi gives details: the camera under the screen is probably impossible

Oppo is already chatting a bit about what will be in the new Find X2. The high-end smartphone wants to be able to show off a new Sony camera sensor.

A new high-end smartphone from China is preparing for next spring, which will fully accelerate the attack on Huawei, Samsung and company. There are reports and rumors about what Oppo is incorporating in its new Find X2. In an internal exhibition, Oppo revealed some special features and innovations with which they want to leave behind the best smartphones of Huawei and Co. An exciting topic, especially in the field of cameras.

New Sony Camera

For the camera, Oppo relies on Sony’s new camera technology in the Find X2, which has now been introduced as a 2 × 2 chip. “The 2 × 2 on-chip lens solution (OCL) is a new image sensor technology to achieve high-speed focusing, high resolution, high sensitivity and high dynamic range.”

Sony implements a new structure for pixels, which results in a higher sensitivity to light. Also, the detection region for autofocus changes, which can now perceive the entire field of view without gaps. Sony writes more about this on their own blog, I always like to wait for the end result of daily use with this kind of thing.

Just great things or really competition for Huawei, Google and company?

High-end processor and excellent display

The Snapdragon 865 will work under the hood, which of course does not surprise us. Also, Oppo promises to attach great importance to a very high display quality. At least 90 Hz is expected, as is the case with an OLED panel. Dynamics, colors, etc., we still have to wait and see.

Oppo had also again shown a front camera, which is installed under the display panel and is therefore practically invisible in everyday life. But it doesn’t have to mean that you will find this front camera on the Oppo Find X2.