Frau mit Smartphone freut sich

High: Low-cost flat rates for the entire network on the telecom network, with LTE

Frau mit Smartphone freut sich

The country needs new tariffs. Under the slogan “I want to get high,” Sparhandy delves into the cell phone booth and introduces a whole new world of rates. Sparhandy acts as a provider for the new high-end mobile communications brand and develops its own rate packages.

Sparhandy’s Wide Range of Fees – These are the new high fees

Sparhandy launches its new brand with a total of three rates. All are SIM-only rates, that is, deals without a smartphone. The cheapest rate costs 12.50 euros per month and offers 2 GB of data volume on the Telekom network. LTE is available for a surcharge of 5 euros per month, an option price already known to Congstar.

The new high fees at a glance:

High 24/2 High 24/2 LTE50 High 24/4 High 24/4 LTE50 High 24/8 High 24/8 LTE50

basic monthly fee 12.50 euros 17.50 euros 17.50 euros 22.50 euros 20 euros 25 euros
Calls and SMS Allnet floor Allnet floor Allnet floor Allnet floor Allnet floor Allnet floor
data volume 2 GB 2 GB 4GB 4GB 8 GB 8 GB
LTE No up to 50 Mbit / s No up to 50 Mbit / s No up to 50 Mbit / s
net Telecom Telecom Telecom Telecom Telecom Telecom
Connection price 19.90 euros 19.90 euros 19.90 euros 19.90 euros 19.90 euros 19.90 euros
Additional features – 1 month free base rate – 1 month free 10 GB data volume

Basically, it is an adjusted rate portfolio with three different rates, each available with or without LTE access. Without LTE, a maximum download speed of 25 Mbit / s is possible. With the LTE option, the speed increases to 50 Mbit / s. The real advantage of the option, however, is not the download speed, but the better availability and performance of the LTE network.

High rates in comparison

A cost range of 12.50 to 25 euros for flat rates for the entire network, some with LTE, in the telecommunications network. Even if the full LTE power is not released, the new Sparhandy brand is always cheaper than Telekom’s MagentaMobil tariffs.

The comparison with Congstar is worth more. In a comparison of flat rates for the entire network with a two-year contract, the high rates can convince here. For the 4GB rate with LTE50, Congstar charges 25 euros per month, High aka Sparhandy is a bit cheaper at 22.50 euros. This tiered price applies to the entire comparison. Congstar, on the other hand, pays off mostly for high-end rates with 10GB of data volume.

Cheaper network flat rates on the Telekom network than High are only available for non-LTE rates. Provider here: Mobinio, Norma Connect or Penny Mobil. The provider mobilcom-debitel also offers its Comfort Allnet rates on the telecommunications network. With similar prices, sometimes cheaper compared to the Alto, LTE access is also not included here.

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