Josh Radnor, estrella de HIMYM, se une a "Grey's Anatomy"

HIMYM Star Josh Radnor Joins “Grey’s Anatomy”

Josh Radnor, star of HIMYM, joins "Grey's Anatomy"


No one would have expected this “crossover” (at least in terms of lead actors): Josh Radnor, aka Ted Mosby from “How I Met Your Mother,” will join “Grey’s Anatomy.”

And not with a minor role that has nothing to report on the plot anyway, no: as exclusively reports, Josh Radnor is expected to be Ellen Pompeo aka Meredith Gray’s new lover. At least the two of them meet on the show on a blind date. What ?!

This is definitely a comeback that’s been washed away: after the end of HIMYM 2014, Josh Radnor fell silent. Now he’s back, and according to the report, he should have a guest role on the Doctors series for at least a few episodes. If a romance is really developing between your character and Meredith’s and may even stay longer in the series or if the flirtation will quickly fade again, American fans can watch on today’s episode or next week.

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In the teaser for the new episode, you only hear Meredith talk about the blind date, so it remains to be seen if Josh Radnor will still be seen. You can see the brief preview of the new episode in English here:

We are definitely very excited and hope to see Ted uhhh Josh again! And who knows, maybe you can wrap it around your finger with a blue horn? 😉 In Germany we have to be patient a bit more: the current fifteenth season of “Grey’s Anatomy” probably won’t start until spring 2019.

How do you think Josh Radnor will be on “Grey’s Anatomy”? A good idea or will it just be Ted Mosby for you forever? Let us know in the comments!