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HMD Connect: This is how expensive HMD Global’s data roaming is

HMD Connect

For a long time, HMD Global was pretty quiet. New smartphones? In short supply. That changed on Thursday. With the Nokia 8.3 5G, the licensee of the traditional Finnish mobile communications brand has introduced its first 5G smartphone to the smartphone market for the third quarter. Also, with the Nokia 1.3 and the Nokia 5.3, two models in the entry level and lower middle class. However, going forward, HMD Global obviously wants to make money from the services as well. And the HMD Connect data roaming service is supposed to help.

Where can I get HMD Connect?

The aim of the roaming offering is to provide access to the mobile data network to people around the world. So not only at home, but also when traveling with a single SIM card. An eSIM is not available yet, but it could appear soon. HMD Global promises: you only pay for what you really need. Orders can now be placed on the home page. And on the home page you can also find more information about what the service really costs.

HMD Connect can be used in more than 120 countries around the world and in a total of more than 600 cellular networks. The offer is divided into three zones, zone 1 includes many European countries, but also more exotic destinations such as Malaysia, Paraguay or Turkey, Switzerland and the USA Zone 2 includes Canada, India, Japan and Thailand, among others, the Zone 3 includes Australia, Brazil, China, and Mauritius, among others.

A beta starter pack for the (almost) global use data SIM costs a one-time fee of 19.95 euros and, in addition to the SIM card, it also includes 1 GB of data volume for the first use. If this gigabyte is exhausted, a data package with a term of 14 days can be reserved for 9.95 euros, comprising 1 GB in zone 1, 500 MB in zone 2 and 250 MB in zone 3. Once have used these inclusive volumes, an update of 14 days is possible for 5 euros each with the same volumes of data.

HMD Connect is implemented in cooperation with Greenwave Systems and its AXON GlobalNet platform, as well as local operators. Expansion to other countries and networks is planned.

Roaming packages from German network operators can be much more expensive

If you are only traveling within the European Union, you do not have to continue dealing with HMD Connect. With some exceptions (German SIM, etc.), you can use your mobile phone contract in other EU countries in the same way as in Germany. EU roaming makes it possible. But if you’re often in Switzerland, Turkey, or even intercontinental, the new offering may be worth it.

For example, Dayflat Unlimted USA / Canada on Deutsche Telekom costs € 14.95 per day, but is not subject to any data limits. In Turkey, the Daypass L with 1 GB of data volume for 24 hours of use costs 9.95 euros.

For example, Vodafone offers EasyTravel packages for contractual customers. For Red rate customers in Turkey, Switzerland or USA, they create the ability to use their own rate as they would at home. However, this also costs 5.99 euros per day.

In other countries it can also be much more expensive. At its peak, 10MB, which is only valid for 24 hours, can cost 29.99 euros. An incredible amount of money for an incredible amount of less data. At O2, a daily usage price of EUR 4.99 per 50MB is paid abroad.

Either way, data roaming outside the EU is still a very expensive pleasure for you with a German SIM card. It may be more useful to buy a prepaid SIM card on the site or just switch to (often free) WiFi networks.