¡La miel te hace hermosa!

Honey makes you beautiful!

Honey makes you beautiful!

Beauty of nature

Honey – a true complete genius

We all know and love honey as a spread and a substitute for sugar in our tea and we can no longer do without it. But the natural product also provides us with a faithful service in cosmetics, and has done so since the time of Cleopatra.

It is said that the Egyptian ruler bathed in milk and honey with love and enthusiasm. Cleopatra apparently knew what was good for her, because the healing and nourishing power of honey is legendary and historically documented. Before iodine, plasters and ointments existed, the bee product was used to treat wounds, and with such success that it is still compelling today and has even been approved as a medical product since 2005.

Wonder weapon honey

But how does honey work in our beauty products? With its high sugar content, it binds moisture. It also contains plant substances that act as free radical scavengers and in this way protect our skin from aging. Honey is particularly effective in moisturizers and anti-aging products that reduce wrinkles.

But we can also use the natural product honey as a beauty enhancer. For inflamed or stressed skin, a homemade honey mask made from water, two tablespoons of honey, and one tablespoon of healing earth will help. Just leave the mixture on your face for 20 minutes and then rinse. Inflamed areas of the skin heal faster thanks to the antiseptic effect of honey and dry areas are hydrated.

If fine wrinkles and dry skin are the main problem, simply mix two tablespoons of honey, one tablespoon of milk, one teaspoon of almond oil, and one egg yolk. Leave this mask on for 20 minutes and then wash off with warm water.

Honey for skin and hair

Honey can also help our hair with its beauty power. For dull hair, we mix 50 grams of honey, a tablespoon of fruit vinegar and 75 grams of wheat germ oil. After half an hour of exposure, we can expect a super bright result.

Honey is a real miracle weapon for chapped and chapped lips. Just replace the lip balm with pure honey. However, then we have to compose ourselves so that we don’t immediately lick everything from our lips.

Image source: dreamstime