Honor 30: nuevo chip para el sensor de imagen más grande de la industria

Honor 30: new chip for the largest image sensor in the industry

Honor 30: new chip for the largest image sensor in the industry

In recent days there have been new leaks about the Honor 30, among other things, it should have a new processor and a very large image sensor.

In recent days, the leaks around Huawei have been piling up, because the new Honor 30 series is on the way and this should be closer to the P40 series. On the one hand there is the camera sensor, a first press photo and previous leaks should have revealed more about this. 50 MP and Sony, that’s the current state. There is also a periscope camera for zoom, which should probably hit a new high.

Honor 30: new chip because bigger image sensor

Another leak from a reliable source says that Huawei introduces the Kirin 985 and is installing the new chip in the Honor 30 series for the first time. It’s a further development from the previous year’s 980, with expected shortfalls compared to the 990 in the P40 series. The Kirin 985 is said to be compatible with the largest image sensor in the industry.

The number of pixels is not understood, it should be 50 MP. But the large size of the image sensor, from which, among other things, light absorption greatly benefits. In recent years, the biggest downside to smartphone cameras has been that the bare image sensors have been much smaller compared to real cameras. This difference is expected to decrease for some time.

55x: Huawei is probably working on a new zoom level

A screenshot from Huawei’s camera app shows a 55x zoom, which we can see on the Honor 30. In any case, a screenshot from Asia wants to prove it. But it would also be very easy to fake. It will certainly still be exciting to see what this is all about.

The Honor 30 series should be available in April.