Honor prescinde de los teléfonos inteligentes de gama alta en Alemania

Honor V30 and Nova 6: identical twins without Google apps

Honor dispenses with high-end smartphones in Germany

Huawei sells almost identical Android smartphones under different names. The Honor V30 and the Huawei Nova 6 are almost exactly the same.

You laugh at the competition for what obviously Huawei has been achieving for years. This is demonstrated by a look at the new Honor V30 and Nova 6 Android smartphones. It’s pretty much the same Android smartphone, only the visual design is slightly different and so is the color palette. The most important key data such as the camera, screen, battery, processor, case dimensions and even the position of the fingerprint sensor are identical for these devices.

Honor is just a shell

What Huawei is doing there would be understandable if the devices were used in different markets. Then one could argue why identical hardware is sold under different names. However, both smartphones are now offered in China. If Huawei had the license for Google applications, both devices would probably arrive in Europe in exactly the same way. Especially when there are price differences, it almost borders on deceiving customers.

We criticized this strategy just a few weeks ago. However, there were at least a few months between the Nova 5T and Honor 20, not just a few days. However, as a customer, you can quickly pay € 50 to € 100 more. And what about updates, Honor devices are treated like Huawei devices?

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