Payasos de terror: justo antes de Halloween están de vuelta ahora

Horror clowns: just before Halloween they’re back now

For many, Halloween is nothing negative, but it is associated with candy and a fun and scary costume. But perhaps not everyone has thought of tonight that way since last year. Because that’s where the horror clown craze started.

The horror clown “trend” actually started in the US, but it wasn’t long before the gruesome spectacle spread to Europe very quickly. According to the police it was Last year, in North Rhine-Westphalia alone, a total of 382 horror clown attacks on Halloween. And this year, too, horror clowns live up to their reputation. After the start of the movie “It”, the police feared that there might be another incident. It was noted that there could be imitations. It has not been confirmed whether the horror clowns feel directly animated by the film.

Yet threatened in the last week two horror clowns in Ulm with a knife a group of ten and eleven years. In Berlin, a man in disguise had even tried Luring a 10-year-old girl to your carwhen I came home from school. Another horror clown replied two 11 and 12 year old girls in Menden with fear and terrorrunning after them, armed with an ax-like object, roaring and screaming. And that’s just a fraction of the incidents.

The question here is: how many horror clowns are there in the next few days before Halloween?

Horror Clown Attack: How To Defend Against Them

If you meet a horror clown and try to scare or threaten yourself, then of course, you can defend yourself against it. You can attack even with physical violence in an emergency counter: “I can defend myself. Even if the clown really doesn’t want to physically attack me, he just wants to scare me. It is enough if I have to assume that I am very threatened “, explains criminal law attorney Hans Reinhardt at “Bildzeitung”. Because a horror clown attack can also be really dangerous, so you have the right to defend yourself. It is also better if you are facing such an attack. yelling out loud for “help.” So can you in an emergency? being helped by passersby and then they could important witnesses be to identify the clown. Of course he can you also help others, if you yourself witness an attack on someone and, for example, the Inform the police. Clowns are often quick to stop chasing the person if they don’t achieve their goal. your They don’t want to reveal their identity because their persecution of passersby is already considered bodily harm and therefore is punishable. The best choice It is however, to flee from a clown attack. So you can be absolutely sure that you are not committing a crime yourself and that you can quickly get to safety at the same time.