Película de terror "Mamá": Por eso se cambió el color de piel del personaje principal.

Horror movie "Mom": That’s why the main character’s skin color was changed.

Horror movie "Mom": That's why the main character's skin color was changed.

The German trailer already reveals it: Octavia Spencer doesn’t just play the kind and helpful woman in “Ma – She Sees Everything.” Due to her skin color, this role was not originally intended for the actress …

Anna Kooris / Universal Pictures

You just won’t No die in the first 15 minutes of the movie, you will kill everyone!

With these words, director Tate Taylor convinced his good friend Octavia Spencer (“The Help,” “Hidden Figures”) to take on the lead role in his horror movie “Ma” and play the sordid Sue Ann, who in secret celebrates the lives of young people. sneak in. The filmmaker is responding to Spencer’s complaints, Black characters usually die in the first few minutes in horror movies.. In fact, Spencer shouldn’t have played Sue Ann at all. Because the script for “Ma” originally called for a white killer, like Taylor in an interview with the industry magazine. Variety betrays.

When asked why Taylor offered his girlfriend Spencer the role of sociopath “anyway,” the director jokingly replied, “Because I’ve already seen it in it, we lived together for seven years, that’s why ‘Ma’ is autobiographical “.

In fact, Taylor offered the 47-year-old the role because he thinks his best friend is very talented and is happy to help with Spencer’s lamented “ridiculously persistent narratives” change. It also reveals: “He knew she liked that kind of topic. We always had amazing shows on TV, ‘Forensic Archives’. So I thought it was cool to give him a chance to climb. And that’s what he did.

Always the same roles for niggas

With her role as the evil Sue Ann aka Ma, Octavia Spencer deviates from the roles her fans have previously associated with. Apparently, however, the actress has never had the opportunity to show other facets like her in Variety-The interview implies:

“Lupita Nyong’o made his film debut at the Sundance Film Festival [„Little Monsters“]. But before and before “Ma” these roles were not accessible at all for Women Of Color. And I think it’s time to change that. Every young actress should have the opportunity to act in both a romantic comedy and a horror movie. It’s exciting to play someone who is outside of the three archetypes that people want him to be in.

Black characters in horror movies

In fact, it rarely happens that black artists have a huge impact on the plot of horror movies. They often have to play one-dimensional supporting characters who, as Spencer points out, sometimes fall victim to (white) killers relatively quickly. Spencer himself experienced Rob Zombie’s “Halloween II,” in which his character dies first.

The most prominent example of black main characters in horror movies is probably George A. Romero’s 50+ year old horror classic “Night of the Living Dead.” But even after the trend-setting zombie movie, blacks in horror movies were mostly reduced to the role of cronies and cannon fodder in the decades that followed. Rarely did a dark-skinned figure survive to the end. Recently, thanks to Jordan Peele’s “Get Out” and “We”, among other things, a trend has emerged that counteracts these limitations. “Ma” can now also do her part to allow black actors to have more roles.

“Ma” has been in theaters in Germany since May 30, 2019.