Cómo Amazon quiere ser peligroso para el Asistente de Google en movimiento

How Amazon wants to be dangerous to the Google Assistant on the go

How Amazon wants to be dangerous to the Google Assistant on the go

Amazon also wants to be more present on mobile devices with Alexa. Introduces an innovation for mobile voice control application developers.

Amazon doesn’t really play a role with Alexa on mobile devices – using voice input is too cumbersome for that. Google clearly has an advantage, namely providing the operating system for more than 85 percent of all smartphones. It is easier for the group to integrate the Google Assistant on mobile devices. But Amazon wants to be able to keep up, announces some innovations for Alexa.

Amazon wants to bring Alexa directly to applications

Alexa for Apps is one of 30 new developer tools. Amazon also offers to integrate Alexa voice commands into apps, which applies equally to iOS and Android. Google already has a similar solution at the beginning, but so far only in English. Because Alexa cannot be natively integrated into the operating system, Amazon needs a slightly different approach.

For app developers, Amazon offers to integrate Alexa into apps. Users should be able to use the functions of the application through voice input.

“Alexa for Apps (Preview) allows customers to use the convenient way to use voice commands on iOS or Android devices to access any content or functionality in an app or on a website. With Alexa for apps, deep links can be used to directly open the home page of an app for mobile users through a skill, to display search results on the screen, or to activate other basic functions of the app. “

Most likely others have felt the same

Whether this system can prevail alongside the Google Assistant and Siri on the go, I currently doubt very clearly. On mobile devices, Google and Apple are at the forefront and they don’t let much air flow. Others have caught on to this too, like Samsung trying to set up Bixby on their own Android smartphones. Hardly anyone will be able to break the duopoly between Google and Apple on the fly.