How can you distinguish your identical twins?

The problem is well known: if an egg is the same, how can the two be differentiated? This is a problem that should not be underestimated, even with twins. Especially when you’re at the pediatrician and He hasn’t slept in a whole night before. Are there tricks? Or is it very clear to all mothers, anyway, which child is which child? And what is it like in hindsight when you look at photos?

As a mother of dizygotic twins, I interviewed 11 mothers of identical twins separately. So we enter the question:

How to distinguish identical twins? “

Twin mom Motessa: That’s why I find it difficult in older photos, especially when they are both in the water, have wet hair and are wearing the same bathing suit. Otherwise I find it easy, they have different facial expressions, different voices, and otherwise completely different inside. Outside of the family, however, someone can rarely tell them apart. Unless you’re painting, one is left-handed and the other is right-handed. The older sisters have complained a lot about it: “Mom, you can always spot the teacher!”

Twin Mom Anne: At the beginning we had bracelets of different colors that we put on the ladies’ clothes. Meanwhile, we have found some differences, for example, the hair swirls on the back of the head are inverted like a mirror. But the easiest way to tell is the behavior when you catch the wrong person, they are very independent personalities, and that with only 10 months. In photos, however, I often find it difficult to distinguish the two.

Twin mom Kristina: My children are now 13 months old. After the birth, I was very happy to see one of them. He discovered a birthmark on the back of his head. “Unfortunately, “the hair is getting thicker and you can barely recognize it.” In photos, I can often only tell children by their clothes, unfortunately I don’t know from some photos. It has happened to me before that I mixed the two for a whole night. Dad had prepared her for bed and she had put on the “wrong” pajamas. Fortunately, they also slept in the wrong bed. I only noticed it the next morning, I believe in some typical behavior. I really stick with the clothes they wear. During the day, when things get hectic, I can see who’s who at first glance. Of course, only if nobody messes up my system.

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Twin Mom Nine: So generally this is not a problem, identical twins are not 100% the same either! Facial expressions, birthmarks and the like help quite well, my only son is missing a lower incisor. In photos I often have to think about it, but curiously, both my boys and my grown-ups know 98% sure who is who in the photos.

Twin mother Zeinab: Our girls are still 8 months old and we think they are very different. Supposedly, with many identical twins it comes later that they are very similar. I’m curious. They both have a dimple, but they are mirrored. And Alinchen weighs almost a kilo more than Hanni;)

Twin mom Julia: My daughters are now 3 months old and, contrary to what I feared before their birth, I can differentiate them very well. M. is heavier than L. and also has a larger head. The stork bites they both have on their necks are also slightly different. However, in the photos of the first months of life, it is sometimes difficult to differentiate them. Especially when there are individual shots. Then I try to use the clothes to remember who is who. Sometimes we trade clothes, but accessories like scarves and pacifier chains are permanently assigned and not swapped.

Twin mother Nuxi: Fortunately for us, one of the two identical twins has a hemangioma on her forehead. Otherwise, one of the two weighs a little more… about a kilo. You can see that. And if it was all too late, I painted the big toenail in a pink and the other in purple. (F.’s color is pink anyway and L.’s is purple. This in turn also serves as a donkey bridge).

Twin Mom Angie: I’ve never had a problem telling my identical girls apart, but I probably have an advantage. My sisters are identical twins too, and I didn’t have a problem with that either. Otherwise, one has birthmarks and the other a stork bite. The parting is also naturally reversed.

Twin mom Karin: Gemini 1 has a birthmark, but you can only see it if you stand in front of him. Otherwise Twin 2 has more pronounced dimples than Twin 1. And I can tell them well apart from the voice Twin 2 always has a “whiny tone”.