Como "Bestias fantásticas": JK Rowling lanza 4 nuevos "Harry Potter"-Libros

How "Fantastic beasts": JK Rowling launches 4 new "Harry Potter"-Books

How "Fantastic beasts": JK Rowling launches 4 new "Harry Potter"-Books

Supplies for “Harry Potter” Fans: Anyone who’s always wanted to learn how to defend themselves from the dark arts can hope for it. The next few books will make it easier for you to enter the world of magic.

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Star author JK Rowling never tires of expanding her extremely popular “Harry Potter” franchise. The best example of this is the story of “Fantastic Animals and Where to Find Them.” At first that was just the title of a fictional textbook within the fantasy universe, then the book was published in reality and now there are even a whole series of movies about it.

Now JK Rowling’s website Pottermore four new “Harry Potter” –Announced books that allow us to delve even further into the world of magic, which has already produced ten films. However, these are not new stories about Harry, Ron, and Hermione or the adventures of magizoologist Newt Scamander, but rather non-fiction books about how magic works in the “Wizarding World.”

These “Harry Potter” books await us

The four new books deal with the different school subjects taught at Hogwarts and appear exclusively as e-books. They are titled: “Harry Potter: A Journey Through Charms And Defense Against The Dark Arts”, “Harry Potter: A Journey Through Potions And Herbology”, “Harry Potter: A Journey Through Divination And Astronomy” and ” Harry Potter: a Journey through the care of magical creatures ”.

According to the titles, fans will now be able to dig even deeper into Defense Against the Dark Arts, Potion Brewing, Astronomy, and Magical Creatures. The exact lengths of the individual books are not entirely clear yet, but fans shouldn’t expect too much new material. Pottermore writes about “Bite-size reading material”who gives readers the “Traditional folklore and magic” from the “Harry Potter” universe.

The first two parts will be released digitally on June 27, the other two will follow sometime in the next few months. Who knows, maybe one day these books will also lay the foundation for new movies. “Fantastic Animals and Where to Find Them” has already shown that even nonfiction short books can be turned into big screen adventures with a little imagination.

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