Google Maps ahora se está calibrando a través de Live View, que se encuentra en el "menú secreto".

How Google will make map navigation even better for night driving

Google Maps is now being calibrated via Live View, which is in the "secret menu".

In the future, Google Maps will provide even more information about the streets with a new layer.

The source code of the Google Maps application shows in advance how navigation is even better in the dark times of the day. To this day, Google Maps already offers a night mode, but soon the application will also help us choose the right street. A new lighting layer has been discovered in a teardown of the current version of the app, providing information about street lighting and making it visible on maps.

Google Maps provides information on street lighting

Today’s text modules reveal what the new feature will offer us.

  • Yellow lines show well-lit roads.
  • Bad without lighting.
  • Look how bright the streets are.
  • Good lighting.
  • Zoom in to see the lighting data.

Well, the intention of this innovation seems very clear. OR? Google will likely test the new layer where streets are often poorly lit and crime plays a big role. However, we expect a launch for international markets at some point. There is still no official announcement of the innovation.

With so-called disassembly, the current source code of an application is checked for changes, text modules and other information about new functions are often found. At this time, it is rarely possible to tell when and if the new features that have been discovered will actually be available to users.