Leserwahl 2020: Beste Streaming-Hardware

How is it transmitted? Our readers love these streaming gadgets

Our reader poll is over, the result is now fixed and here it comes: The best streaming hardware is … The Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K. Perhaps not the most surprising win of the entire reader poll, but: credit where credit is due.

Fire TV Stick is the best streaming device out there

There are a number of streaming devices that can enhance your television. The Fire TV Stick is arguably the most popular – the victory of the readers’ choice seems to confirm this. But Amazon’s HDMI dongle should by no means be a sure hit. With the Chromecast, Google also offers an HDMI device that has its fans. Unfortunately, Xiaomi’s new Mi TV Stick was a bit late for our vote, but it could make the race tighter in the future. But there are bigger solutions too, like the Apple TV Stick. And then other manufacturers with their own platforms test Smart TV extensions via HDMI stick, for example in our readers’ choice: Telekom’s Magenta TV Stick.

In the end, the vast majority – nearly 30 percent of all participants – opted for Amazon’s Fire TV Stick. It is the most established and possibly the most convenient transmission device out there. A nimbus that Amazon has earned and developed through significant development.

→ Here you can find the winner chosen by the Fire TV Stick 4K reader in MediaMarkt

Chromecast, Apple TV and Co .: This is where the competition lands

There is a close race for the other two places on the podium for the transmission sticks. With nearly 24,000 participants in our readers’ poll, there were only eight individual votes between second and third place. The second place is occupied by Apple TV with 19.48 percent; Third place went to Telekom’s Magenta TV Stick (19.45 percent). The Chromecast Ultra is also absolutely at a surprising distance. You can read the full ranking list here:

  1. Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K – 29.24 percent

  2. Apple TV: 19.48 percent

  3. Magenta TV Stick: 19.45 percent

  4. Google Chromecast Ultra: 19.08 percent

  5. Nvidia Shield: 12.75 percent

In the coming days and weeks we will show you the additional results of our 2020 readers’ pick. There are surprises, as well as clear victories (favorites), like here with the Fire TV Stick, and real thrillers where every vote was decisive in the end. . We thank everyone, almost 24,000 participants.

In other articles we reveal who has become the best smartphone, the best “short-haul” exchange provider and the best smart home system. We inform the lucky winners of the Readers’ Choice Contest by email, so check your spam folder as well.

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