Como termina "Game of Thrones": ¿Democracia, salto en el tiempo o asesinato en el episodio 6 de la temporada 8?

How it ends "game of Thrones": Democracy, time jump or murder in episode 6 of season 8?

How it ends "game of Thrones": Democracy, time jump or murder in episode 6 of season 8?

The time has come. The last episode of “Game Of Thrones” airs, the series ends with episode 6 of season 8. But how? We examine popular theories and give our own advice.


In a few hours we will no longer have to speculate, because then we will finally have the certainty of how the fantasy series “Game of Thrones” will end and who will win the homonymous game for the throne and therefore the reign over Westeros. Or maybe at the end of the sixth episode of the eighth season there is no longer a regent? Because especially after the last episode, the theory that prophesies the end of the monarchy for Westeros has gained new popularity.

We take this and another interesting theory under the microscope and, of course, we tell you our own prediction for the end of “Game Of Thrones.”

Theory 1: Democracy in Westeros

Happens: According to this theory, after the next tyrant it finally becomes clear to all Westerosi that the current system is simply doomed. Thus, our remaining heroes first eliminate the tyrannical Daenerys (Emilia Clarke). Since Jon (Kit Harington) has repeatedly said that he doesn’t feel like taking the throne, good advice is expensive. So you get rid of all that fuss. From now on, every five years in Westeros, a vote will be taken as to which house can rule the country for a time.

That speaks for it: Autonomous rulers and succession: sooner or later a madman arrives and there is war. Of course, you could learn that in Westeros and therefore understand that there is no bright future even with Jon on the throne. Because who knows which side of their children, their children’s children, etc. ends the coin of the gods?

That speaks against: Show in a single episode how the old system is turning over an entire continent? Hard to imagine, especially since the effects would be immense. When the country becomes democratic, what will the individual houses be like? Shouldn’t succession be abolished there for the same reason? Some political debates would be necessary, which hopefully will save us.

Theory 2: A Big Leap in Time

Happens: The final episode ties into the fifth episode of season eight, as the trailer and visuals suggest, but only briefly to show the direct effects of the battle of King’s Landing and Daenerys’ accession to the throne. Then at least a year passes in the future and we experience a changed Westeros: Daenerys has become a mother, Jon has retired north because he couldn’t bring himself to kill his old love. But then he realizes that he really has to topple her and the final battle ensues.

That speaks for it: Wouldn’t that be another surprise that could really surprise fans? Imagine the opening scenes after the unexpected jump in time, showing a capital city where life is raging and there are hardly any traces of the dragon’s attack. It would also be a nice trick with a popular fantasy trope. There is a view at the end, which shows what has become of the characters. One prefers to jump this time and then let it break again.

That speaks against: It would be a complicated company that probably doesn’t have time. After a jump in time, you first have to explain to the viewer where all the people are, what happened to them. There’s a lot of runtime already and you really need it to fix a lot of other loose ends.

Our advice: assassination and change of throne

After the impression that season eight has left us so far, we believe that “Game Of Thrones” will come to an end relatively easily and that there will be no more big surprises and narrative loops. That means: Daenerys dies and a new ruler takes her place on the throne. So two questions remain …

Who kills Daenerys? The obvious choice is Jon, who is easier to get close to, despite all the paranoia that may now reign in her. Problem: Regicides aren’t very popular in Westeros, even if they had a good reason for the murder. You just have to ask Jaime (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau). As an assassin, Jon will have a hard time becoming the new king. Arya (Maisie Williams) could help herewho can sneak up on anyone, has enough reasons for the murder and will no doubt be happy to do his “brother”, who is actually his cousin, a favor of killing Daenerys. There are alien opportunities for Tyrion (Peter Dinklage), who could follow in his brother’s footsteps as the new assassin of kings, if he is still alive and has not been executed by Daenerys for his inability to act as a consultant.

Who is on the throne? Again, Jon is the obvious variant, unless he becomes an assassin (see above). After Daenerys, he is the only significant figure with a strong claim to the crown and people love him. Problem: Jon doesn’t seem to feel like it. Here Sansa (Sophie Turner) could perhaps be the joker. She has ambitions to govern and was able to show in a crisis in the north how good she is. Also, after the atrocities of Daenerys and Cersei, it wouldn’t be so bad to show that there can be sensible rulers. Maybe somehow Jon can enthrone her and free up space for her? And how do we value Gendry’s (Joe Dempsie) outsider opportunities? Preferably low …

Our last tip: Arya kills Daenerys so Jon doesn’t have to become a regicide and claim the throne. He reluctantly sits on it, but only if he has “smart” people like Tyrion, Sansa, and his best friend Sam (John Bradley) by his side and co-rule. Which means there is a bit of participation, even if there is no democracy, in Westeros.

We and you will know if we are right on the night of Sunday 19 to Monday 20 May 2019. Starting at 3 am German time, the episode of “Game of Thrones” will be played in Germany in parallel to the USA. on Sky Atlantic (also via Sky Ticket). Later, they can also be viewed on demand on Sky.

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