Como en el pasado: Netflix prueba el canal de televisión con películas y series en un horario

How successful was Netflix’s pricey mob movie?

Netflix invested $ 160 million in a single movie. The Irishman was able to inspire millions of people around the world and captivate them in front of the screens.

Netflix’s Irishman is said to have cost more than $ 160 million, so Scorsese’s film, which is more than three hours long, has to be able to win over a large audience. Although it is of course a branch that is no longer particularly popular, narrative cinema around the Italian-American and Irish mafia, The Irishman knew how to inspire many Netflix subscribers in the first week and keep them in front of the screens for a long time.

Like in the mafia: unknown dark figure

The Irishman had nearly 26.5 million Netflix accounts in the first seven days. Only those for whom the film ran at least 70% are counted. In this case, this means longer than most movies have to offer in terms of total length. You’ve watched The Irishman for over two hours when it hits 70%. Every minute is worth it, in my opinion.

As is often the case, Netflix does not know the exact number of viewers. One or five people can sit in front of a screen. So The Irishman has been seen by at least 26.4 million people, but probably many more. The Irishman was so expensive because the actors’ faces had to be rejuvenated and aged live on the computer.