¿Qué tan delgada puedes estar?

How thin can you be?

What to put up with Boys I actually like it, yes the girls diet do and of Slimming mania usually?

Info Around that Diet theme you can find here: Diets: important for a good figure or dangerous for health?

We have some Boys He approached them on the street and asked them about the matter. Watch the video here interesting answers to our questions.

All interviewees Boys agreed that they should Slimming mania find exaggerated. They felt it was unnecessary with one normal figure to lose even more and find thin and haggard girl unpleasant.

Also, everyone thinks that you should always be vigilant Health should pay attention. Girls should think pay attention to your figure but they need without model measurements to have. Especially not at the expense of health. Dry it’s as unhealthy as thick.

Some of the Boys find even special Girl with female figure and some Roundings attractive. So most guys think so Ideal of beauty Y Model measurements it’s not that good at all and i don’t think about it much Subsistence allowance and exaggerated Slimming mania.

Also, they don’t understand why girl with a great figure Further away lose weight want and sometimes even in Eating disorders such as bulimia. ends.

More about him Eating disorder theme You can find it here: Eating Disorders: Are You Just Skinny or Are You Already Sick?

Everybody is individually and it must be for you Feel good weight Find. Emaciated yours is the same harmful to health how to be too fat.

Make ours here test and find out which Figure type are you: what kind of character are you?