"Cómo vender medicamentos en línea (rápido)": Entonces podría continuar en la segunda temporada de la serie de Netflix.

"How to sell medicines online (fast)": Then it could continue in the second season of the Netflix series.

"How to sell medicines online (fast)": Then it could continue in the second season of the Netflix series.

Netflix has yet to decide on a sequel to “How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast),” but within the plot, the course for a second will be set at the end of the first season.


Warning, spoilers for the entire first season “How to sell drugs online (fast)”.

The third German Netflix series “How to sell medicines online (fast)” is very well received. It remains to be seen if there will be enough interest at the end to persuade the streaming service to order a second season. There is still no corresponding announcement. But we still want to think about how things might go with Moritz (Maximilian Mundt), his friend Lenny (Danilo Kamperidis) and their mutual online drug trade myDrugs …

The same ending as the “real Moritz”?

At the end of the first season of “How to Sell Drugs …” Moritz and Lenny’s pharmacy is booming after they switched from the Darknet to the “normal” Internet and were able to reach a much larger clientele. Of course, this ensures greater awareness and therefore more dangers. Because the drugstore not only attracts potential clients, but of course also the police. And apparently he’s already hot on Moritz and Lenny’s heels.

As you can see in the season finale, the police (who also work for Moritz’s father) have already managed to intercept the two drug packages and use the postmark to limit their origin to their hometown Rinseln and the surrounding area. As in the true case of then-online drug dealer Maximilian S., 18, who served as the loose inspiration for “How to Sell Drugs…”, it could end up being the postal service that sent the police to Moritz. He leads and eventually earns him a prison sentence of several years. However, there are also some other places that could cause problems …

two turn into three

The constellation of those responsible behind the pharmacy also harbors a potential for conflict. Not only do Moritz and Lenny meet regularly, with the beautiful Capoeira Dan (Damian Hardung) there is now a third person on board, with whom they are not exactly on friendly terms. Moritz and Lenny practically blackmailed Dan into keeping quiet and joining in.

Additional tensions, which could be further fueled by the triangular emotional chaos around Moritz, Dan, and Moritz’s ex-girlfriend Lisa (Lena Klenke), are definitely unavoidable here and could ultimately deal the fatal blow to the lucrative. illegal business.

Dangerous game

Not only are problems with the law looming, relationships with professional drug providers are also at great risk. Arguments with the brutal Buba (Bjarne Mädel) almost cost Moritz, Lenny and Dan their lives. Now his new source in Holland is ready to search the bodies and bring the drugs to the man. Moritz and company don’t know exactly yet, but it’s only a matter of time before they realize the dangerous business they’ve gotten into.

And speaking of Buba: the fact that he accidentally shot himself with a Lenny-made pistol in front of Moritz, Lenny and Dan should also have consequences in a second season. Even if only individual parts of the weapon remain even after the incident, the police will certainly be watching the suicide very closely.

Everything gets out of control

The more people know about myDrugs, the greater the risk of exposure. And at the end of the first season “How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)” Moritz, Lenny and Dan are no longer the only insiders. Lenny has already told his girlfriend online, whom he has not yet met personally, about myDrugs. And possibly she could soon use the knowledge against Lenny and his associates if she finds out that he sent her an incorrect photo of himself and she shouldn’t be happy about it.

In the last scene, Lisa also discovers some medicine packages on her shelf during a surprise visit to Moritz and now she should be able to add one and one together. (Other than Moritz, you can think of any other clever excuse, but it should be a very good one.) How Lisa reacts to all of this could have a huge impact on the future of Moritz’s machinations as well.

On the one hand, he has already shown that he has an open mind towards drugs, on the other hand, when he wanted to go back to his old life and possibly Moritz as well, he should be surprised by the revelation. And that Moritz’s drugs temporarily landed Lisa’s girlfriend Gerda (Luna Baptiste Schaller) in the hospital, probably not exactly positive, either.

In any case, it shouldn’t facilitate the complicated relationship between the two. And finally, Lenny also promises in the documentary frame: “Actually, things only really started then, things got completely out of control …” Now we have to keep our fingers crossed that this is exactly what we will see in a second season of “HTSDOF.”

That’s how excited the network is for the surprise cameo in “How to sell drugs …”