Cómo usar correctamente el champú plateado

How to use silver shampoo correctly

How to use silver shampoo correctly

Goodbye yellow hair:

Silver shampoo has become essential for most blondes. And not without reason! The violet product is the best way to remove unsightly color casts or to create a certain shade of blonde. We will tell you how you can do this and how to use the silver shampoo correctly.

How does silver shampoo work?

Silver shampoo was originally developed to neutralize yellowish streaks on natural gray hair. However, it didn’t take long for blondes to discover the product for themselves. Because silver shampoo contains blue-violet pigments that counteract the orange and yellowish nuances of the hair. This works with the help of complementary contrast: because blue neutralizes orange, while violet cancels yellow. This makes the blonde shade nice and fresh. However, your hair should be medium to light blonde because no effect is guaranteed on brown hair.

I regularly use Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure * Silver Shampoo. After two applications you can already see a big difference in the hair (right):

The before and after comparison shows how effective silver shampoo is.

In these cases the silver shampoo helps

# 1 Against the yellow and orange tint

As already mentioned, silver shampoo is the ideal remedy for yellowish or orange hair color. When whitening in particular, an unsightly colored haze often arises, which you can remove or at least reduce with shampoo.

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# 2 To style your hair

After bleaching, a so-called tonic is often used, which gives the fresh blonde the finishing touch. A toner, like a silver shampoo, contains pigments that can be rewashed. So instead of spending a lot of money, you can just grab the purple shampoo.

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# 3 To tone gray hair

You can get the popular granny hair by adding purple pigments to very light blonde hair. To do this, you have to generously spread the silver shampoo on your dry or wet hair and leave it on for longer.

Does silver shampoo also work against green or red tint?

Silver shampoo rarely has an effect on unwanted green or red tints in your hair. It can only combat yellow and orange colors, that is, at most, the yellow component in green or the orange component in red. What is usually left is a kind of grayish blue or you don’t see any difference at all.

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How do you use the silver shampoo?

You can use a silver shampoo like a normal shampoo and leave it on for 5 minutes before rinsing it off. Alternatively, you can opt for an application on dry hair and leave the cream purple for up to an hour. This is how you can achieve a particularly strong effect. We recommend wearing gloves for this, as your hands can turn purple. Use the purple shampoo regularly to help keep your hair cool. Always use a conditioner afterwards, as some shampoos can dry out your hair a bit.

Always let the shampoo sit for a few minutes.

Is Silver shampoo harmful?

Silver shampoo is basically not harmful to the hair as it contains the same ingredients as other shampoos plus harmless dyes that only adhere to the outer layer of the hair and do not penetrate deep into the hair structure. However, if you want to use an effective silver shampoo, you will not avoid silicones. You should also make sure that you don’t use the purple shampoo exclusively, but alternately with another shampoo or, like me, only two out of three washes. So the hair doesn’t get too dry.

What is the best silver shampoo?

Most of the silver shampoos that you can get in pharmacies like Rossmann or dm have very low pigmentation. You can hardly fight a strong yellow tint with it. Styling shampoos, on the other hand, are more effective and have long been available online. You can often recognize a good silver shampoo before you use it by opening the cap – make sure it is opaque and dark purple in consistency.

Looks pretty good, but: There are probably not enough pigments in here.

These shampoos have rave reviews on Amazon:

Guhl * or Swiss-O-Par * silver shampoos are rated lower because they contain too little pigment.

My ranking: The best silver shampoo against yellowing.

So far I have tried 7 different silver shampoos and here are my experiences with the individual products:

So using silver shampoo correctly is quite easy. Try a little and find the brand that suits your hair. With regular use, you can only laugh at your old friend, the yellow tint!

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