"HSM 3"-Estrella arrestada

"HSM 3"-Star arrested

+ + The actor was in possession of a firearm + +

The two friends also had real firearms, but that alone was not the reason for the long prison sentence: It wasn’t until Justin Martin pointed his gun at one of the policemen that the situation escalated. His partner shot several times in the direction of the police. This was followed by a dangerous exchange of fire between the parties until the two friends could finally be caught.

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+ + Fortunately no one was injured + +

Fortunately, no one was injured in the numerous shootings, but the arrest of the two did not take long. Later, the actor was charged with the crime of unauthorized possession of loaded firearms and his attack on the authorities.The court found him guilty of these charges and sentenced him to 18 months’ imprisonment, which he must now serve. From the stage he goes straight to jail: A star can fall so low!