P40 Pro Plus: nuevo teléfono inteligente Huawei, de todas las cosas, primero en el país de Trump

Huawei AR Map is new and reminds of Google Maps Live View

P40 Pro Plus: Huawei new smartphone, of all things, first in Trump country

Huawei has introduced a new Android application for Augmented Reality in its country of origin, reminiscent of Google Maps Live View in the broadest sense.

Huawei initially published its own Android app in China, the functionality of which is quite reminiscent of Google Maps Live View. Huawei launched its AR Map in its own AppGallery, the application is mainly based on augmented reality. Like the Google tool, the Huawei app can also recognize your exact location, but also your immediate surroundings through the camera based on various functions. Known buildings and things like that. Initially, however, AR Map is limited to only a few regions, here Huawei simply lacks the necessary data sources.

AR Map: Huawei becomes an understanding of the world

“As soon as you navigate to an object or landmark with your phone, it identifies the object and projects the AR-related information (related to that area) onto the user’s phone. Users can click on the AR content for more details. ” – Huawei Central

As you can see, the application is quite colorful and exciting. Therefore, it is used less for navigation, but rather to help discover the environment and its special characteristics. In this sense, Google could improve a little in Live View, but perhaps with a little more caution optically.

If Huawei continues to rely on having its own solutions for all modern applications today, AR Map could also be available for other markets around the world in the long term. However, it had taken many years to develop such a clever feature as Google’s Live View.

Live View on Google Maps can be used without navigation