Samsung muestra en la comparación de la batería: 120 Hz contra 60 Hz

Huawei makes Samsung cold: Space Zoom turns out to be zero on the super moon

Samsung shows in battery comparison: 120Hz vs 60Hz

In the past, photos of the moon were unthinkable, but today it is possible with high-end smartphones. But Samsung’s Space Zoom of all things disappoints.

In recent weeks the criticism of the new Samsung smartphones has been great, the Exynos processor will probably not be delivered and the main camera of the Galaxy S20 Ultra is disappointing. At least in some categories, like the 100x “Spatial Zoom” that was previously advertised and is still widely advertised today. A few days ago there was the super moon, which some colleagues photographed with the latest flagship smartphones. The comparison photos of Lars from AllAboutSamsung are revealing.

Camera: supreme discipline brings down Samsung

Not for him, although he should turn more to Samsung. In this case, however, you simply cannot. On the contrary, the expensive Samsung smartphone is a complete disappointment compared to Huawei’s new flagship. Pictures of the moon are not taken all the time, but precisely in such special situations, Huawei was able to make the competition look old in recent years and even today. See for yourself:

But Samsung doesn’t just stink against Huawei in this supreme discipline (zoom + night). Leonard from AllroundPC compared four photos from different devices, unfortunately the one from the Galaxy S20 Ultra is extremely negative. Will even “underdogs” like Oppo shake the throne in the future?