Pantalla de cuatro curvas: nuevo tráiler del Huawei P40

Huawei: new accessories discovered for the next flagship smartphone

Huawei may also be planning new headphones for the P40 series presentation that can be used completely wirelessly.

Huawei should introduce the next flagship smartphone in February or March. But the new high-end model does not come alone, it also brings new accessories in tow. At least now it has been known that Huawei had certain names secured in Europe some time ago. Now there are many indications that we will also showcase new headphones from Huawei in the coming months. Possibly high-end models, on par with Apple’s extremely popular and successful Airpods.

Huawei P40: wireless headphones are simply part of today

And how could it be otherwise, the name actually sounds very similar. Huawei calls them the MatePod. In fact, the new headphones would have been better suited to the Mate 30 series or Mate 40 series in the fall of 2020. However, the introduction of the new P40 series is currently expected in the spring. However, apart from the official name, there are still details officially communicated from Huawei.

But Samsung and other manufacturers are also stepping up and introducing more and more accessories of this type. Offering completely wireless headphones is now part of a good way. The names are a bit confusing, because devices with similar names are already available in the form of MatePad tablets.