Huawei: ¿Nova versus Redmi de Xiaomi?

Huawei: Nova versus Xiaomi Redmi?

Xiaomi has Redmi, Oppo has Realme. Huawei has Honor, but another independent brand could be created for the smartphone market in the future.

With Honor, Huawei has been offering a second brand for cheaper Android smartphones for many years, but Honor is not as strong as other brands from other Android manufacturers. Xiaomi’s Redmi in particular seems to be selling better, even the bestseller lists in Germany now say that. This is one of the reasons why Xiaomi made the old name of some smartphones become a more or less independent brand and outsourced it. Redmi appears quite independently, by Xiaomi.

Redmi and company are too strong against Honor

Huawei is said to have a relatively similar plan, according to new information. However, instead of strengthening Honor, there are rumors from Asia that the Nova series is being outsourced. Therefore, Huawei Nova will only become Nova in the future. Or Huawei Nova. So the focus is clearly on the old new brand name, the parent company is just a famous accessory. Many Chinese manufacturers are now doing this, Oppo, for example, is strongly bringing Realme to Europe.

In recent years there have been attractive smartphones in the Nova series from time to time, like the Nova 6 that was last introduced. So far Honor and Nova devices bite each other more and more often, Huawei should work on that.