HUAWEI P30 (Pro and lite): SIM card and memory card – what you need


The HUAWEI P30 remains one of the most popular mobile phones in 2020. The smartphone has a dual SIM slot. This can be used with two SIM cards or with one SIM card and one memory card.

We explain which SIM card size is suitable for the HUAWEI P30, as well as the P30 Pro and P30 lite and which memory card can be inserted into the device. If you order one of the HUAWEI contract devices, you will receive the correct SIM card size included.

HUAWEI P30 (Pro and lite): the right SIM card

Both the HUAWEI P30 and the P30 Pro and P30 lite, including the New Edition, need one Nano SIM card.

The nano-SIM is the smallest SIM card format available. If you have a larger card at home, you can order a new card for your P30 from your mobile operator or cut the existing SIM card to size. Be careful not to damage the chip, otherwise the SIM card will be unusable. In other places, we have a suitable SIM card template to help you cut to size.

To insert the new SIM card into the HUAWEI P30, use the tool provided. Insert the tip into the small hole in the SIM card slot and pull out the slot. In the container you can see from the slanted corner how to insert the SIM card into the P30. Then slide the SIM card tray back into the case and boot your device.

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What memory card fits the HUAWEI P30?

The HUAWEI P30, P30 Pro and P30 lite, as well as the new editions, support dual SIM. Then it can be the same two nano SIM cards at the same time on the device. For example, you have combined your private and business phone number in one device. If you only need one number, one can be Memory card in the free slot. However, please note that HUAWEI does not use the common microSD card for memory expansion. Instead, HUAWEI has Nano memory card developed its own memory card. The nano memory card is even smaller than a microSD memory card. The card can be used to expand the storage space of HUAWEI P30 devices by up to 256GB. The cards are currently only compatible with the newer HUAWEI phones.

The P30 series is not compatible with eSIM. Therefore, it is not possible to use the mobile phone with a memory extension and two phone numbers at the same time.

We will also tell you how to expand the memory on the HUAWEI P40.