Cámara Huawei P40 Pro: ¿nuevo registro de píxeles, sensor de imagen más grande y más especiales?

Huawei P40: another new camera sensor?

Huawei P40 Pro camera: new pixel register, bigger image sensor and more specials?

Huawei used a slightly different camera sensor than its competitors in the P30 series, and there is probably further development in the P40 series.

Huawei had drastically changed its main camera sensor on the latest high-end smartphones. They still trust Sony, only the basic principle is different. Usually the matrix is ​​RGB, which means red, green, and blue. Huawei, on the other hand, relied on RYYB on the P30 Pro last year, that is, in red, yellow, blue. Among other things, it is expected to result in better performance in low ambient light. Sony built this special sensor for Huawei, and it will be repeated this year.

Huawei donates P40 series to Sony’s new camera sensor

The rumors from China that we cannot verify, however, speak of a completely new sensor. A new Sony IMX708 should be in the P40 series. However, so far nothing is known about this camera sensor. Common improvements could include a resolution change, as well as a different edge length of the individual pixels for even better light absorption. Wild guessing now would also be foolish.

Huawei had become the market leader for smartphone cameras in recent years. Now there is Samsung’s counterattack with the Galaxy S20 Ultra and Xiaomi also wants to shake the throne. It’s even more interesting if Huawei is resting or updating with the same intensity. We are currently waiting for three different P40 variants, the highest setting has 5 main cameras.

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