Huawei: EMUI 11 es la próxima gran actualización en otoño

Huawei P40 Pro with Samsung OLED screen?

Huawei: EMUI 11 is the next big update in fall

Huawei should rely on Samsung for the P40 series, South Koreans could offer the OLED screen of the P40 Pro, which is curved on four sides.

Huawei had regularly worked with BOE for its own smartphones in recent years, but Samsung could be the supplier of the integrated displays for the P40 series. At least for the top model. Probably not all smartphone owners know this, but even with everyday mobile devices, some of the hardware almost always comes from a few companies. For example, most of the well-known manufacturers rely almost exclusively on Sony sensors for their cameras. The software also decides the quality of the image.

Samsung is widely regarded as the provider of the best smartphone displays, and new records are set in different categories every year. But mostly only with their own Galaxy smartphones. Be it brightness, color rendering or power consumption. Samsung is always at the forefront. In addition to Samsung, LG and BOE are among the usual display supply sources trusted by smartphone manufacturers.

Curved on all four sides: Huawei P40 Pro possibly with Samsung display

Samsung knows curved screens well. The inner edge screen, or today the infinity screen, has been established for many years. As is well known, the screen of the Huawei P40 Pro must be curved on all four sides, which could require Samsung’s knowledge. The following leak gives an idea of ​​what to expect with the P40 Pro.