Huawei se ha desplomado recientemente: ¿ahora se nota la falta de aplicaciones de Google?  Xiaomi y Apple pronto superarán

Huawei smartphones with Google apps: where you can and cannot access it

We still have a very wide range of Huawei smartphones, but only a few current devices are equipped with the important Google applications.

A pretty lousy story has been going on for a long time, an American trade embargo is forcing Huawei to use new Android smartphones without Google apps. Post installation by the user is also only possible in a complicated way, the functionality is not fully or partially buggy. However, the trade embargo only has an impact on “new devices” that meet certain requirements to be considered such and, therefore, cannot be licensed by Google.

On the contrary, it is still possible to use relatively current Huawei smartphones. There are still some interesting models with Google on board. And you can remember that the pre-installed Google apps, firstly, remain permanently on board, and secondly, they receive new updates as usual. By the way, Android as an operating system is “open source”, so the basic version is not subject to any licensing requirements.

The transition to the post-Google era is partly unclear

The end of the field is newer for premium smartphones than the P30 series. Devices without Google are, for example, the Mate 30 Pro, Mate Xs, and all newer smartphones from the P40 series onwards. To secure new sales in a short time, Huawei donated the P30 series to the P30 Lite and P30 Pro New Edition, with different colors and more memory. Here Google services are on board, although both models appeared under an active trade embargo at the end of the year.

The overview is more difficult in the lower price categories. Even the newest devices can be equipped with Google because they are out of date with no restrictions under the hood. The sonic Huawei P Smart Pro has Google apps, but it is based on a very old processor. The even newer Huawei P40 Lite E is similarly equipped, but it comes to your home without Google.

To always be sure of yourself quickly before buying, you can press the buy button on the desired device on the Huawei website. In the linked store, Huawei clearly indicates that Google applications should no longer be included with the selected device.

The Honor brand suffers for Huawei

The aforementioned trick works with Honor too, but since there are fewer devices starting there, you have the correct overview faster. The Honor 9A no longer has Google services, and neither does the 9X Pro, but the 9X Lite did and the 20 Lite also came with Google apps. The latter also applies to the Honor 20 and 20 Pro, which were barely able to go on sale with Google. Honor or View 30 don’t have Google with them, but they’re still on their way.

Huawei has struggled with weak demand since the Google issue, which is particularly notable with the cheaper Honor brand. In the “main show,” Huawei still makes a good face for the bad game, but sells newer high-end smartphones only to a very limited extent. In markets where Google is established, you hardly have a chance without it. Maps, search, YouTube, various Android system functions, not all can be replaced.