EMUI 10.1: Huawei quiere revolucionar la multitarea y una nueva pantalla siempre encendida

Huawei without Google apps: situation at the end of the year

EMUI 10.1: Huawei wants to revolutionize multitasking and a new always-on display

Huawei cannot equip new smartphones with Google services. Only the US government, which is itself stubborn, can change that.

A lot has been written and a lot has been speculated, a mixture of facts and rumors has been determining the news situation around Huawei and Google since May 2019. Basically, some people still believe that Google no longer wants to work with Huawei. It’s wrong. Google is simply not allowed to do so. In fact, the fault lies with the American government. She believes that she still knows that Huawei is a spy tool for the Chinese government. This anticipated reason is at the root of the ills surrounding Huawei. The Chinese group has not been allowed to work freely with US companies for months.

Huawei is a manufacturer of many things, of which smartphones are only a small part. In recent years, Huawei has also been involved in equipping cellular networks around the world. This is one of the reasons why there has been a recurring discussion in recent months about whether Huawei should be excluded from the German 5G network setup. An exclusion could set network operators back years. But that’s not supposed to be our topic at the moment. What’s more exciting for us is when Huawei will be able to equip Android smartphones with Google services again.

Huawei lacks crucial licenses

In order to work with Microsoft, Google and company, the blacklisted Huawei company has to wait for the good nature of the government. American companies have to apply to the authorities to work with Huawei on certain things. For example, to be able to license new Huawei devices for Google services. It really is not a problem because it does not endanger the national security of the United States. But until the end of 2019 there is no end to waiting for a corresponding exemption.

Bottom line: Google needs a license from the US government in order to license new Huawei devices for Google services. The required approval is missing even after months.

US supports Huawei and Google

Obviously older hardware doesn’t seem to matter. Therefore, Huawei was able to introduce new smartphones with Google services in recent weeks. Basically, however, these are devices with the hardware that we already know from previous smartphones. In the current situation, however, there cannot be a new high-end smartphone with the new Kirin 990 processor. That is why the Mate 30 Pro is available with the freely accessible Android operating system but not with Google services. , which is why the Mate X is also tentatively starting out in the early markets.

If the situation does not change, the P40 series will also be without Google next spring. Although the US government announced many weeks ago that it would want to process requests received by numerous US companies, requests from Google have not yet been included or have been rejected unknown. Therefore, it is not clear until December 30, 2019 when Huawei will be able to deliver new “real” devices with Google services again.

Existing devices stay on the ball

Existing devices from the Huawei and Honor brands are also unaffected. Huawei is equipping the devices it has sold with the new Android 10, and Google apps will also be available as usual. Also, panic does not have to be felt or spread. If you fancy a P30 or another Huawei smartphone, you can buy it without hesitation.

There is no data on the future of HarmonyOS developed by Huawei, the relatively new operating system has not yet reached the state of the art necessary for smartphones. This also applies to in-house solutions for map apps, the app store, etc.