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Huawei without Maps and Co .: Google now officially discourages reinstallation

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For the first time, Google has publicly commented on the current situation with Huawei. In a Google post, the American giant warns against installing Google services on new devices. Security is not guaranteed. The US government banned Google from continuing to work with Huawei in May 2019. Only Huawei devices that Google certified before May 16, 2019 can continue to use Google applications. App updates and Google security updates are usually possible on these as well, at least as long as the US government allows it.

Security issues: Google doesn’t recommend reinstalling

Although Google services are no longer officially available on new Huawei devices, it is possible to unofficially install some of the Google applications afterwards, even without a great technical understanding. However, in a community post, Google now officially advises against getting Google apps from outside sources and installing them manually. Security is not guaranteed.

“Also, downloaded Google applications do not work reliably because these services cannot run on non-certified devices which may be insecure. Downloading applications from Google also carries a high risk of installing an application that has been modified or tampered with in a way that compromises user security. “Tristan Ostrowski, Legal Director, Android & Play

However, this statement is not surprising. After all, they are not official sources from which Google applications are obtained. In addition to the desired Google application, an unwanted virus or other dangerous software that affects the security of the Huawei smartphone can also be installed. It can be assumed that Google will also not offer alternative ways to install Google applications in the future. Ultimately, Google services will continue to be available for download online from unofficial sources. However, you should use these fonts with extreme caution, as you cannot necessarily rely on the proper functioning of subsequently installed applications.