Hue Smart Button ahora en Amazon por solo 19,99 €

Hue Smart Button now on Amazon for only € 19.99

Hue Smart Button now on Amazon for only € 19.99

Surprisingly, the so-called Smart Button for Philips Hue drops in price, which is now available on Amazon Germany for only € 20.

For three months, there has been a new button for Philips Hue that can be used to control the smart home without an app or voice. Until now, it had been offered a little too expensive. However, the new Hue smart button is now available on for just € 19.99. This means that the price previously offered in Germany has become approximately € 10 cheaper, which in my opinion is the correct price for such a device.

Hue Smart Button drops in price

  • Accessories for your Philips Hue smart system: the smart button allows you to control the light and dim it comfortably, without any installation and is ready to use immediately
  • The Hue smart button can be easily integrated into an existing Hue system and individually configured using the Philips Hue app
  • Individual switch placement in your home – Hue smart button can be attached anywhere with screws or supplied adhesive tape
  • Experience continuous dimming and use your smart button not only as a light switch, but also as a removable remote control
  • Compact and discreet design – Hue smart button impresses with its sleek feel and modern design

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