Hugh Grant: ama mucho a su hijo

Hugh Grant: loves his son very much

Hugh Grant: loves his son very much

Joys of the father

wantedon 09/13/2014 | 14:09

It wasn’t until January that it became known that Hugh Granz had become a father for the third time. At that time the little one was 16 months old. Now, the “Notting Hill” actor spoke for the first time about his third child.

Since January there has been speculation about whether Hugh Grant is the father of television director Anna Elisabet Eberstein’s son. At that time it was allegedly learned that the actor himself had entered the child’s birth certificate. This was followed by Hugh Grant’s first official statement about his third child.

Hugh Grant praises his third son.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Hugh Grant praised his young son and mother in an interview with a Swedish newspaper. “We are good friends and she is a good mother,” said the actor. When asked if he saw his son often, Hugh Grant replied, “All the time, all the time.” The relationship between the two was “excellent” and he “loved it very much.”

Hugh Grant: Three children of two women in 15 months

That Hugh Grant is the father of Anna Elisabet Eberstein’s child came as a surprise in January. It wasn’t until September 2011 that her daughter was born to her lover Tinglan Hong. Just four months later, Eberstein was pregnant, and just three months later, Tinglan Hong was expecting her second child from Hugh Grant. Both women now live very close to the actor. She bought Tinglan her own home, minutes away from hers, and the nearby home of Anna Elisabet Eberstein is said to be far beyond her possibilities as a television director.

Three kids in 15 months, but Hugh Grant was a hard worker. But no matter how the little ones came about, it’s ultimately important that they see their dad regularly and are well cared for, and the actor seems to take very good care of him after all.

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