Hugh Jackman: el cáncer de piel ha vuelto

Hugh Jackman: skin cancer is back

Hugh Jackman: skin cancer is back

Skin cancer

wantedon 10/28/2014 | 11:15

It was a huge shock to his fans: in November 2013, Hugh Jackman announced that he was suffering from skin cancer. The actor has already had a malignant carcinoma removed twice, now Hugh Jackman has had to undergo surgery for the third time.

For the third time, skin cancer has affected Hugh Jackman. Although the 46-year-old goes to regular check-ups, he has to suffer setbacks time and time again. It was only in May of this year that a dangerous cancerous carcinoma was removed from his nose., now Hugh Jackman had to undergo the next operation.

Hugh Jackman is battling cancer

Although Hugh Jackman is apparently not getting rid of skin cancer completely, a spokesperson for the cheerful Australian gave the go-ahead on “GossipCop”: Hugh Jackman feels “comfortable and really good” depending on the circumstances. Still, fans of the “X Men” actor are concerned. Like his wife Deborra-Lee, who also sent the actor to the doctor in 2013.

Hugh Jackman is fine

Since his diagnosis, Hugh Jackman has supported various organizations and campaigns that campaign against cancer and promote prevention.. Because with such a serious disease, early detection is the most important thing. Shortly after his skin cancer diagnosis, Hugh Jackman urged his fans to wear sunscreen regularly and get checked. Unfortunately, this advice comes too late for Hugh Jackman, but he bravely fights his illness and doesn’t let setbacks put him off.

Cancer has returned again. We are glad that Hugh Jackman is back to acting fast this time and that he is doing well despite his third operation. We wish the actor all the strength in the world in his fight against the disease and hope that he will soon be rid of cancer for good.

Image source: gettyimages / Mike Coppola