"La reina de hielo", "Historia del juguete" y "Ralph es suficiente": Un video genial revela diez defectos en las películas de Disney y Pixar

"Ice queen", "Toy story" Y "Ralph is enough": A Great Video Reveals Ten Flaws in Disney and Pixar Movies

Whether it’s “Toy Story,” “Finding Nemo,” or “Beauty and the Beast,” Screen Rant discovered ten more or less minor inconsistencies in the Disney and Pixar movies that probably didn’t attract attention during editing, and they found them. in Youtube. -Video revealed.

Movie lovers Screen rant when looking for errors and inconsistencies in Disney and Pixar films, for example, a portrait of the prince from “Beauty and the Beast”, who is depicted too old. In “The Incredibles”, the date of a newspaper article is in the future and in “Toy Story” there is a baby monitor that is really just a speaker without a microphone. In “The Ice Queen”, Anna and Hans dance together on the platform of a lighthouse, but their shadow only shows the two dancers in the air, the railing is missing. The list goes on and the creators of the video take “Monster AG”, “Finding Nemo”, “Tarzan”, Ralph is enough “,” Wall-E “and” The great crawl “.