"Beberé tu sangre" - amenaza de muerte a través de WhatsApp

“I’ll drink your blood” – death threat via WhatsApp

It is not yet clear exactly where the news came from and why someone originally spread it. Something like that leaves us speechless …

(November 13, 2016) This chain letter scares students

This is going too far! A chain letter circulates in the Oberhausen district threatening schoolchildren with murder and terrifyingly terrified. Police advise parents to immediately intervene and delete the message. And that’s not enough, because other Trojans are also migrating from one cell phone to another.

This news has become the worst nightmare for the students of Oberhausen, as they are threatened with a letter that they should not receive inside Fast forward 20 minutes to 20 people, or she or her mother is killed – by a 9 year old Nico. The chain letter is sent in the form of a voice message and is spoken by a female computer voice. Very creepy! Mainly because he repeats the text without any emotion, as if it were the most normal thing in the world to make such threats.

That’s the full message: “Hi, I’m Nico and I’m 9 years old and I don’t have any more hands and my face is full of scars and blood. If you don’t send this message to 20 people, I’ll go at midnight. Do not you believe it? Anna Weinfeld just ignored it, didn’t believe it. At midnight he heard strange noises in the hall. He came out into the hall and saw me. She screamed for her life, but hey, I killed her and no one has ever seen her again. Still don’t believe it? Tim Schmelzer only sent it to 5 people, he is now in a wheelchair and cannot move anymore. Lars Berger sent it to everyone. He has a big family and he’s rich. If you don’t send him, you won’t live tomorrow, or you’ll send him and you’ll be very lucky. What does your mother mean to you? Without her we would not be us. Send this to 20 people in 20 minutes. Yes If you don’t, your mother will be killed in 5 years. Hurry if you love your mom. A child has evidence. I didn’t want to send it anymore. Five years later, his mother was murdered. “

After the frightened children came to their parents with him, they immediately reported him to the police. Now they are trying to determine the origin of this terrible news to put an end to it. They also advise ignoring this message and immediately deleting it from your cell phone, saying it is “just” a bad joke for better or worse.

It’s not fun!