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Cesarean section? Without fear! A C-section can be a wonderful birth experience. Some mothers find it stressful. But it does not have to be like that. Because a planned cesarean section often occurs in twins and can be a moving experience. We spoke to twin mother Sabine Künzel, who provided us with these stunning photos. The photos were taken by Photographer Tamara Wassermann. In an interview, Sabine recounts how she and her husband Clemens experienced their twins’ planned C-section.

You had a planned cesarean …

Yes. I agree. We already have an older daughter and she too had a planned C-section. And then it was logical with the twins that there would be another cesarean section, although he would have preferred a spontaneous delivery. But there was simply a medical indication that made it necessary. I have been to various hospitals and obtained information from many midwives, and they all advised against spontaneous birth of twins. One of the boys was in the breech position and we decided to do a cesarean again. I knew what to expect so I was able to adjust and prepare well for delivery. My first cesarean was a wonderful experience. I entered the planned delivery without hindrance and without prejudice. And I would do it again.

Cesarean section in twins: a beautiful birth

Do you feel like you have missed something due to the cesarean section?

I would be interested to know what a spontaneous delivery is like. What can I create and achieve as a woman and a mother? And I would also be interested: What are my personal physical limits? I feel like I’ve missed a bit of something. But I also have to be very clear: However, I am very proud of myself for having twins until week 39. And I am proud of what I and my body have accomplished. Somehow, one little thing is missing. A birth like this is simply something unique and I cannot comment on it. But it was the best decision for me and my children and I would do it over and over again. And hello? I have three wonderful and healthy children. What can make a woman happier?

How did you come up with the idea of ​​photographing the birth?

That was fun: I won the Facebook session. In fact, I didn’t even think about it because many mothers accepted it. So it was just a coincidence. In hindsight I must say that I can absolutely recommend a photoshoot like this. Now I can see birth from a completely different perspective. You don’t even notice a lot of things that happen during labor. Typically, you lie on this operating table and stare at the ceiling. With the photos I was able to see information about the birth that no one else has had. Now I can relive the birth everywhere. I also know that these are really my kids that I frolicked with at home today. I was and still am fully involved. And I still enjoy looking at the photos today.


Was it a great organizational effort for a photographer to be in the operating room for a cesarean section?

Yes and no. The hospital did not find it very common. Some employees did not understand. And some of those in the operating room thought it was strange. The people I personally spoke to about my wish understood well. Today, doctors and nurses are completely in awe of how great the images have turned out. Nobody expected that. My midwife even said that the pictures are so unique that I should show them in all prenatal classes. They just remove the fear of cesarean section and show that a planned delivery can also be very atmospheric. You just have to get involved and make the most of the situation. The images just touch you. Even our midwife, who has accompanied hundreds of children on their way to life, was totally inspired.

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Were you also afraid of the cesarean section?

No. Not before the cesarean section. I was just afraid that a child would turn out worse. That can be heard sometimes with twins. But everything worked out for us. Almost kitsch like in a picture book. I felt really good. I was also very happy that my midwife was there. I can only recommend that. It is often said that a private midwife is not needed for a planned C-section. I thought it was wonderful. I met this woman and she supported me in the best possible way. That took a lot of pressure off me. And it was nice that a trusted person AND a specialist was there. Everything was very close to the people. And that took away the fear. She was there and I am grateful for that.

Did you have pain after the cesarean section?

No. No way. I had little problems with my circulation, but otherwise everything was fine. The children were born at 10:45 am, so I was already in my room at 1:30 pm. And at 2 pm I introduced the twins to my oldest daughter. And at 3.30 pm I got up and they removed the catheter. But I think the way a C-section is experienced differs from woman to woman. It is still an operation. But he knew what to expect. So it wasn’t too bad. I was only in the hospital for three days, then we hugged at home.


How was the cesarean section for your husband?

My husband Clemens was very happy that we had a trusted midwife with us. I knew we were in good hands. He was not afraid for me or the children because we were both very confident. Sometimes I find it a bit difficult in new situations. I wanted a maternal midwife to hold my hand and support me. My husband was also very happy to be so involved in the delivery. She had a very important role: she took care of the second baby completely. And he had that fatherly pride of being there alive on the exam table and cutting his umbilical cord. He was allowed to bring the children to me immediately. The midwife put it on my chest right away.

What advice can you give pregnant women who fear a C-section?

A private midwife really scared me off. Besides the partner, there was simply a trusted person there. What I can also recommend: The exchange with other mothers. The experiences are very different, from positive to negative. I was also very interested in how others experience it and so I brainstormed very well beforehand. It works very well on the blog and on the Internet. So you don’t have big surprises and you know what to expect. And in return you can also get rid of the fact that you failed as a mother by cesarean section. If there is a medical indication, a cesarean section is the perfect way to have healthy children. By the way, we also did vaginal seeding. So that the children did not miss anything. And they have no disadvantage just because they were delivered by cesarean section. We were able to get everything out of this birth to make it as natural as possible. It also didn’t have privacy screens. And it took me a bit to convince myself that this was the case, but I loved watching the kids get taken out of my stomach.

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IMG_0510Clemens and Sabine with their twins
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