En "Aladino" sigue "Blanco como la nieve": ¡Se acerca la próxima versión de Disney en la vida real!

In "Aladdin" follow "White as snow": The next version of Disney in real life is coming!

In "Aladdin" follow "White as snow": The next version of Disney in real life is coming!

After Guy Ritchie’s “Aladdin”, the first new edition of the “Lion King” will follow in the summer. At the same time, Disney is already working on the next live-action version of a cartoon classic, with “The Amazing Spider-Man” creator Marc Webb.

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Unsurprisingly: as Guy Ritchie’s “Aladdin” rose to the top of the movie charts (both in Germany and the United States), there was already information on another live-action adaptation of a Disney classic. After plans for a new “Snow White” movie were announced years ago, now it seems like the right director has been found for her: Marc Webb. (via Deadline)

It was already known in 2017 that in addition to “The Lion King” (theatrical release: July 17, 2019) and “Mulan” (March 26, 2020), a new adaptation of the fairy tale about Snow White is in the works at Disney : a total of 80 years. after the first film adaptation “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”. “Aladdin” is now giving “Snow White” the necessary tailwind to finally put the project into practice. Because the signs are clear: The audience still seems interested in real-life Disney movies, and that’s exactly what they should be getting.

This is Marc Webb

The 44-year-old American originally hails from the music video industry, but worked with bands like Green Day, Maroon 5 or Disturbed work. After his film debut “(500) Days Of Summer”, Sony even entrusted him with the friendly spider next door and allowed him to direct “The Amazing Spider-Man” and its sequel “Rise Of Electro.” And Webb won’t shy away from big tasks down the road either: it was only announced earlier in the year that he would make a remake of the most successful anime of all time (“Your Name”). And now it’s supposed to bring one of Disney’s oldest classics into the 21st century …

It remains to be seen to what extent one will stick with the Brothers Grimm’s fairy tale or Disney’s first film adaptation. While “Girl on the Train” author Erin Cressida Wilson is spoken of as a writer, the film’s music seems to be in good hands: it comes from Oscar-winning duo Benj Pasek and Justin Paul (“La La Land,” The best showman ”).

When “White as snow“Ultimately, its arrival in theaters is not yet known. But first of all there are “The Lion King”, “Maleficent 2”, “Lady and the Tramp” (although on the Disney + streaming service), “Mulan” and “Cruella”.