En tiempos de Corona: cómo se puede celebrar Halloween

In Corona times: how you can celebrate Halloween

In Corona times: how you can celebrate Halloween

Whether witch, skeleton or monster: Dressing up is just as much a part of Halloween as the Christmas tree is at Christmas, right? Despite the increasing number of Covid-19 infections, also in the Lichtenfels district, children and adults do not have to do without costumes. Since more imagination and creativity has been required in many respects in recent months, parents can turn it into a competition in no time: Who conjures up the scariest costume? With color or material specifications, for example, just what the home already contains, everything has even varying degrees of difficulty.

Can my Halloween party take place? Not recommended these days. The number of participants in private celebrations is limited to members of two households or a maximum of ten people. So, or just the closest friends, or the big family.

Halloween Despite Corona: Here’s How It Works

Ideally, such a small event takes place outside – due to the early darkness and fairly mild temperatures these days, it’s easy to build a fire in a secure storage area or fire barrel. A few seats, a delicious meal, a pumpkin garden and a Halloween during the Corona crisis can all be successful.

If you still want to go “door to door” with your children, you must integrate mouth and nose protection into your costume. How about the masked bank robber, the mad surgeon, or the eccentric chemist, for example? For security reasons it is advisable to limit yourself to a few destinations and ideally inform the owners in advance about the short visit, because: This can also be contactless in times of the Corona crisis. After ringing the bell, positioning themselves at a safe distance, and the traditional saying “trick or treat” actually: joke or treat, fearful citizens may refer to a basket full of sweets. This can be placed behind a planter, on the fence, or next to the garage, at least not so visible that people passing by can loot it empty. It would be important that the delicacies are individually distributed and packed during these periods.

This search for sweets can also be organized in your own garden: with the help of little puzzles and challenges, children can gradually learn tips on where to hide sweets. Depending on the age, the questions range from “What fruit is usually turned into lanterns on Halloween?” Until “How old is the Halloween festival?” to “How was Halloween brought to America?”

Contest: who has the scariest garden?

The idea of ​​competition is great that night: How about a competition with the neighbors, for example? The question is: “Who has the scariest garden?” Summoned for the game a few days in advance, in the afternoon it can be evaluated according to criteria such as brightness, horror factor or creativity. The winner will be invited to a barbecue together, of course, after the Corona crisis.